The Value of Social Media Marketing to Craft Breweries

November 3, 2011

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Evan Benn from sat down with three representatives from small craft breweries to discuss their marketing strategies. Troika Brodsky, St. Louis Brewery’s communications director; David Wolfe, co-founder of Urban Chestnut Brewing Co.; and Kevin Lemp, owner of 4 Hands Brewing Co, all agree that social media is invaluable to marketing their beer.

Social media is a great tool for small breweries because of its low cost in comparison to print and TV advertising, yet this is not the only benefit. “It’s an enjoyable medium that allows a brewer to interact with the core community of craft-beer drinkers, who are insatiable in their thirst for both craft beer and information about beer. Above all, it’s a two-way vehicle that benefits both the brewery and the beer drinker, simultaneously,” says Wolfe.

The representatives also discuss the importance of word-of-mouth and guerilla marketing. Click here to read more.

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