Old Milwaukee Nearly Drops the Ball on Video Marketing Campaign

December 16, 2011

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It’s hard to say exactly what makes a good viral video. Hiring an A-list funnyman to star in the production and leaving him to his own devices is surely a good start though.

That’s the road Old Milwaukee took in their latest video marketing campaign, which stars a candid Will Ferrell being his usual farcical self in Davenport, Iowa. Several spots have aired on TVĀ and yet no company-official version has been uploaded to the web. The only access we have to the spots are grainy, fan-recorded copies taken straight from the television screen to the web. This misstep on Old Milwaukee’s part, though seemingly inconsequential, is actually a huge oversight. As Jeremy Scott points out on ReelSEO, “even if the company turns and puts their videos online now on a branded YouTube channel, they’ll have a much harder time finding viewers because the core audience that would have served as the seed viewing pool has already seen it (and the version they saw was low-def and crappy audio, so they probably didn’t share it as liberally).” In other words, these commercials have lost the potential they were originally brimming with to go viral.

Some more great marketing points on the importance of assets and online presence in this article (you can also view the videos in question here). Here’s our favorite:

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