L.A. Microbrewery Turns its Beer Packaging into Works of Art

April 20, 2012

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Brouwerij West, a microbrewery based in LA, is taking a fresh approach to its beer packaging: in particular, its labeling.

In attempts to stand out from stereotypical beer packaging designs, brewery owner Brian Mercer hired about 15 artists and gave them free reign to design whatever they wished. Mercer hopes that new, fresh artwork (as opposed to the dominating “hops-and-grains, typography-heavy, St. Pauli girl-style”) will make his audience stop for a moment to admire the execution and originality.

In addition to raising the bar for his label designs, Mercer is creating an air of exclusivity by limiting the amount of bottles produced per designer label. Each bottle will be numbered, 1 to 6500, making them limited edition and totally collectible.

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