Heineken’s “Serenade” Live Event Longest Ad of All Time

February 14, 2012

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Valentine’s Day is typically the holiday for chocolatiers, florists, jewelers, and of course, card-makers. However, Heineken is proving that there may be a place for the beer industry as well with their Valentine’s Day “Serenade.”

Heineken first developed a Facebook app that would allow users to send a valentine to the person whom they admire, via a customizable song performed by the charismatic band from their commercial “The Date.” Then, to make sure the app got the buzz it deserved, Heineken planned a live event through Twitter, Facebook and Skype. Fans submitted requests to have an original song written for them and performed live to their person of fancy. During the event, the admirer and admiree were connected via Skype. A famous Welsh TV personality hosted the event and served as a middle man between the couple and the band, which then serenaded the fan’s crush.

The live event lasted 9 hours and was viewed by over 350,000 people online. Overall, 45 fans got the chance to ask out their crush in a unique and clever way, and most were rewarded in the affirmative. The campaign’s creative director Mark Bernath commented on the live event, “I think we just made the longest ad of all time.”

Source: FastCoCreate

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