Green Beer: Sustainability in the Beer Industry

August 9, 2010

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Sustainability is a major selling point for a growing population of Americans. Recently, Greenopia (a website dedicated to healthy living), took a look into the beer industry to see which breweries are making strides toward integrating green choices into their business, and which breweries were falling behind. Not surprisingly, crafts such as Colorado-based New Belgium sit at the top of the pack, while big macro’s such as Coors and Heineken fall quickly to the bottom.

(From Fast Company)

Greenopia ranks New Belgium as the most sustainable brewery (four out of five leaves) thanks to its “dedication to environmental initiatives,” which include locally-sourced packaging, resource-efficient production, extensive environmental reporting, organic beer production, and a major commitment to bike culture (Tour de Fat, anyone?). New Belgium is, according to Greenopia, “without a doubt the greenest major beer made.”

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