Adrian Grenier’s Churchkey Can Co. Revives The Flat Top Can

March 23, 2012

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Hipsters alike, rejoice. The steel flat top beer can is back. Adrian Grenier (of “Entourage” fame) has teamed up with fellow beer-lover Justin Hawkins, among other brewers and industry experts, to revive the flat top can design of the early 20th century. His company, Churchkey Can Co, turned to two Portland-based brewers to come up with the recipe for the Churchkey Pilsner, and will package the beer with a complimentary opener with every purchase.

The founders’ inspiration grew out of their desire “to experience a great beer in a simple can as the generations before them had enjoyed.” The spot below tugs on consumers’ nostalgia for simpler times, and it could be argued that the hipster market and their love for all things retro is the best way to go for these newcomers.

Original Flat Top Beer Can from Churchkey Can co. on Vimeo.

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